36 Bathroom Vanity Remodel Styles Home Owner

36 Bathroom Vanity – Bathroom vanities that are too low make routine things like drying your hair or putting makeup more difficult to complete. Raising your bathroom van to 36 inches lifts the top of the vanity to a more comfortable height. It is a do-it-yourself project for those familiar and comfortable using power tools. This project uses standard tools that are finding in most homes.

To facilitate the work by taking your measures to your local home improvement center and having the wood cut to size for you. Measure the height of your existing toilet and subtract that number from 36 to determine how it should be add to your toilet to reach the desired height of 36 inches with a lot of extra height. Measure the width and depth of your 36 inch bathroom vanity with sink. And subtract 8 inches from both measurements to determine the size of your base.

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When the base is installation. It will have a 4-inch insert on all sides of the 36 inch white bathroom vanity. With top similar to the tip of the shot under built-in cabinets. Cut 2 by 4 tables with the size of your base. Cut two pieces of the width of the base and two the depth of the base. Adjust them in place so they create a box. Screw together with a drill and wood screws. Use two screws in each joint to create the base.