Attractive Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen island lighting ideas – Up until 10 years ago, the thought of how to illuminate the kitchen island did not even occur to us. The reason was simple: the kitchen was (almost) never island. Now instead solutions that see a central island, focal point of the entire furniture, are depopulated. Understanding how to illuminate the kitchen island is essential to make the area really functional : around this shelf you cook, eat, chat and meet. Illuminate the kitchen island with different lamps.

Who says that only identical lamps must hang over the island kitchen lighting? Play with different shapes and colors, and give POP a playful style to the whole environment. The important thing is to illuminate the island in a homogeneous and uniform way. Avoiding annoying discoloration or sharp lights. Adviced to use the same lamps with different colors, or similar structures but different in shape (such as polygonal Naked lamps or V-tac suspension lamps ). In this way it will give a common thread to the whole lighting, without forcing the hand with strange and bizarre combinations.

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Another idea to illuminate the kitchen island light fixtures is to use the led stripsĀ  on the false ceiling. This solution is suitable for those who love minimalist environments , ensuring an invisible and design solution. To realize a design lighting it is advisable to lower the false ceiling, shaping it like the island. This will give greater emphasis to the structure, which will take an aesthetically pleasing vertical development. Inside the counter-ceiling it is possible to insert the kitchen hood, hiding it.