Bedroom Vanity Desk: Beautiful Solution That Works For You

When it comes to your beauty routine, do not be appalling – and we literally mean it. For every bit as careful as using lipstick and mascara, the same should be said of your makeup organization system. And whether you have a dedicated counter or a small bedroom vanity desk, we’re here to inspire a beautiful solution that works for you, from repurposed vases to just the lucite shelves.

Perfume shelves: Arrange your favorite scents on shelves to save on disk space. We love this three-tiered device, which just stacks your scents to keep them as beautiful as they smell. Keep things so clear that they are not clear with a translucent unit. Acrylic is a good option to work with as it provides structure to all your cosmetics without distracting from your vanity decor.

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And with different sizes and styles to choose from, you can easily tailor your choice to best suit your makeup selection. Arrange bulldozers as lotions or liquids with a few plates and a candlestick. This DIY stand covers much of the ground when it comes to saving your items in one place. Try pairing a smaller saucer with a larger one for a customized solution that fits your room.