Bedroom Vanity Table Design Ideas

Ideas to make bedroom vanity table, the supplies needed to do so are available in places as diverse as the wood shop and selling local real estate. By choosing paint colors, as well as decorative elements such as lamps and mirrors to match your decorating style, you can create a dresser commode that fits your decor but does not cost much. Locate two small end or bedside tables with drawers. These must match. They do not need to be expensive tables, you probably want to paint them.

Create a vanity top. You can make one of a board slab that is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. It should be long enough to go over the two tables and a space between them where you will sit down to your hair and makeup. It should be wide enough to cover the tables. Find lumber in a lumberyard or home improvement store. Look for solid wood, instead of particle boards, which do not take paint very well. Once you put the board in place you should be able to push a chair under the board and between the two boards.

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Paint the final tables and the wooden board. You could consider special painting techniques such as marbling. Allow the paint to dry according to the instructions on the paint can. Place the board on top of the two tables. Hang a decorative mirror on the wall above the vanity table. Look for a mirror that matches your decoration and furniture style.