Best Ideas Dining Room Chandelier Lighting

Dining room chandelier lighting – The word spider often evokes the image of installed crystal light hanging in a formal home. But spiders come in many styles that adapt to homes with rustic, contemporary or highly customized design aesthetics. And are the accessory of choice when it comes to dining room lighting. Your dining room lamp should hang at least 30 inches above your table high if your walls are taller than 8 feet. So that it does not obstruct the view of diners sitting at the table.

Measure the width of the dining table. The American Lighting Association recommends the use of a chandelier with a diameter that is approximately 6 inches smaller than the widest point of the table. For example, if the table is 48 inches wide, choose a chandelier that is approximately 42 inches wide. Measure the length of the board. If it is significantly higher than the average. Choose a lamp with a minimum of five bulbs to provide adequate light at each end of the table.

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Evaluate the purpose of your dining room chandelier. If the dining table is a place to do homework or bill payment, a chandelier with direct lighting is required. If your chandelier only needs to provide ambient lighting, with an overhead lighting fixture is adequate. Observe the lights in the other rooms of your house to help decide on a style. While each lighting device does not have to match, your dining light should not look as if it came from a different house.