Big Delicious Ideas Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Bathroom linen cabinets – The bathroom is rarely the largest room in the home. And therefore it can be difficult to get room for towels. Especially if it is big delicious soft variants. But they do not have to be hidden away in cupboards and pushed down drawers. Why not invest in gorgeous terry towels in beautiful colors that you can integrate into the bathroom d├ęcor and create a spa-like feel?

If your bathroom already has built-in shelves like this, it is obvious to store the towels there and thus utilize the ceiling height. You can also choose to mount narrow shelves yourself on a wall and place the chains in straight lines from floor to ceiling. Here it is especially nice if you stick to towels in one color, so the vertical lines are clearly marked and form a calm and harmonious expression.

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Another great way to store your towels is to hang them up on a nice wooden ladder. You can also choose to only have the towels that are in use, promote on the ladder and save the rest away. The wooden stove further creates a nice material contrast to the clinical and typically bright bathroom.