Big Ideas for Small Living Room Furniture

Do you live in a small house, a small apartment, or if you have one or more small living room furniture, then you probably experience and enjoy the cosiness and intimacy that almost automatically accompanies. The interior can be a bit of a challenge when the square meters are few and the space is needed. Here is some inspiration for how you can maximize the space you have available and ideas for how to make small spaces seem bigger and more spacious.

Lighting is a crucial factor if you want a room to feel bigger, more open and spacious. Windows are the main light source, so if you want to pull in the evening, choose thin and light curtains rather than dark and heavy. Or choose instead a solution that takes up as little space as possible over and around the window. It can e.g. be blinds, blinds or pleated curtains.

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Mirrors are both practical and decorative, but they are also wonderfully effective in the interior design of small rooms. Mirrors of all sizes and geometric shapes can be used extensively, and right now there is plenty to choose from in the interior shops.  In a large mirror, the room reflects and creates an extra depth that makes the room appear larger.  A mirror well placed in relation to the room’s light incidence can give you another light source or an extra ‘window’.