Choosing Bedroom Vanity Sets

One Bedroom Vanity Sets, unlike its bathroom counterpart, is designed with a seat so users can sit while using it. No longer aimed at women, contemporary bedroom is vanity intended for male users as well. No matter who uses the vanity in the bedroom, you have a variety of styles and seating options to choose from.


Decide whether you want a single vanity or double vanity. A double vanity is more common for a bedroom; but, either type can be worn depending on your wishes. Determine the type of vanity you want in your bedroom. Some of your options are a wood worktop, elegant stainless steel or polished granite.

Choose a vanity that complements the overall interior of your bedroom. Decide among an antique, modern or traditional vanity; Compare each to determine which style suits the overall interior of your bedroom. Decide whether you want a glass slice, which is available for many contemporary vanities. Think of the vanity seat. Choose between a padded bench and rounded pallet, for example. Also consider different materials and fabric styles such as floral breaks.

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Tips and warnings

Test the bench or seat to determine its level of comfort. Choose one bedroom vanity that complements the overall color and style of other bedroom furniture. Match bright woods such as oak with similar woods and finishes.