Corner Bathroom Cabinet: Useful for Small Space

Corner bathroom cabinet – The rich fabrics do not have to be packed away in tall cabinets and stuffy drawers. You can create the same effect with a large trunk or branch that you can hang the towels on and around. The tree trunk falls in very well into the Nordic and minimalist style and is a fun element in the bathroom that integrates the towels as part of the decor .

Here is an example of how suddenly there is room for many towels in a small box because they are rolled together. The trick is especially useful for small bathrooms where there is not much cupboard space.  For smaller bathrooms, narrow and light shelving can be a good solution so that the room is not crowded.

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Braided baskets are a beautiful decoration elements in bathrooms, but are also extremely practical, as there can be many towels in them. You can both hang the baskets on the wall so that you get more floor space available, or choose to place them in a corner or corner. If you use small washcloths as guest towels, you can also store them in a small basket by the wash basin, so that it works exclusively and invitingly for your guests.

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