Cozy and Practical Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

Farmhouse bathroom lighting – The light in the bathroom plays a crucial role for both functionality and mood. The bathroom is no longer just a utility room, but to a far greater extent also a living room that should be nice, cozy and practical. The lighting must therefore be carefully considered so that all room functions are supported, while at the same time creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Common to many bathrooms is that there is not much daylight coming in. And that they are rarely bright enough with lamps. It results in a dark and gloomy room that is neither inviting nor functional. Task light: The specific lighting has a task-oriented purpose. Which typically requires an extra concentrated light source and a particular location to avoid shadows and reflections.

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There are typically many mirrors and glossy surfaces in the bathroom. You should therefore pay attention to whether the light source can dazzle or cause annoying reflections. To avoid creating shadows, you can advantageously mount two upward-facing lamps at eye level on either side of the mirror. It will create a good work light. On the other hand, avoid strong downward light from above. It will create unwanted shadows by your eyes, nose and chin.