Design of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting – Best kitchen islands are multi-purpose spaces. Not only are they used for food preparation, service and cleaning. And they provide space for doing homework, checkbook balancing and other tasks. For these reasons, a bright light source is needed on a kitchen island, also a cantilevered ceiling light is often used.

Pendant lights come in various styles, sizes and finishes to complement any kitchen decor. A contemporary or modern kitchen. For example, would be suitable for cleaning lined mini-pendants with bold-colored glass and a steel or nickel-finished steel. A Tiffany style pendant, with its stained glass windows and geometric shape, would fit well into a kitchen style of arts and crafts.

The excess lighting of the island can be characterized by a single pendant or a cluster of mini-pendants. A unique pendant is a large solitary lamp, 15 to 22 inches wide, suspended from the ceiling. Mini-pendants are smaller and usually grouped into patterns of three or more lights for a dramatic look. Mini-pendants are usually made of opaque glass in colors such as yellow or cobalt. Then for all pendants are open at the bottom to provide the concentration of light and the ease of changing bulb. Then, they are attached to the roof to an accessory box or track and suspended by a rod or chain.

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