Fine Example of a Bright Rustic Kitchen Island

Thanks to the splash back with white glossy tiles, the retro tap in chrome and neutral color use, this is a fine example of a bright rustic kitchen island. The worktop in concrete increases the rural feel without sacrificing the modern whole. The typical open shelves also contribute to the cottage style.  The use of neutral colors in combination with a natural material such as granite ensure a well-organized stylish country kitchen. The grooves in the kitchen cabinets and doorknobs emphasize the country style.

In this beautiful kitchen we find the same style, but a little more refined. The stove, built in as a decorative fireplace, immediately attracts attention. Details such as patterns on the matte glassware, the grooves in the cupboard doors, the columns next to the kitchen doors, the gold colored chrome accessories and the marble worktop all honor this country kitchen.

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Typical for a country kitchen include the Kitchen Island, sink and cabinets with glazing. This kitchen is a perfect example of this. The striking color provides a fresh and contemporary touch. This kitchen is proof that nationally and tough go together too. The central location of the cooking stove, the kitchen island, natural materials such as granite and wood and the open shelves make this kitchen rural. The use of dark colors for both accessories and splash back make it tough again.