Get a Bit of Inspiration for Ideal Kitchen Ceiling Lights

The kitchen is a place that requires good kitchen ceiling lights, which creates an overview in the open kitchen, but also on cabinets and shelves. We have lamps for all kinds of lighting in the kitchen and here you can get a bit of inspiration for what fits well into the kitchen, both in terms of style, which bulbs are best and which variants of kitchen lighting are available which are at the same time most convenient.

When it comes to the kitchen table and pendulum lamps, one must remember to have the suspension height in mind. As a rule, it is usually said that the lamps should hang about 75-80 cm above the table top in order to get the best working light. To avoid shadows, measure the width of the worktop, divide it by 3, the result of this meter you saw from the wall – this is where the pendant lamp should hang if you want to avoid shadows. This is just a guide and it can easily be that your home requires a different kind of hanging.

You are always welcome to contact us to get a good advice on hanging or which lamp to choose. A good idea is to hang several side by side with a little distance to get the most uniform lighting in the kitchen. There are many options when it comes to pendant lamps in the kitchen, and they come in several different styles.