Good Kitchen Storage Cabinets You Have To Know

Kitchen storage cabinets is one of the biggest battles in a galley’s kitchen. With limited table space, there is no room to keep bowls, appliances and other mess on the shelves.  Many people choose to use extensive overhead and under board cabinet to solve these problems. Large cabinets can hold appliances such as toasters, microwaves and coffee pots when not in use, releasing table space for cooking efforts. Some cupboard designers even make storage large enough to hold refrigerators and dishwashers to hide those that impose appliances that may seem to pick up the entire kitchen.

If the cabinet also seems overbearing, consider adding shelves to the walls instead. Shelves allow for easy viewing and easy access to your stored items, and can create a more open feel. Keep in mind that the shelves do not offer the same type of security as freezers, so be careful about balancing your saved items properly.

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Color choices can play a big role in the atmosphere of your galley’s kitchen. Dark colors such as black, brown and burgundy will absorb the light, making the kitchen look dark or shaded. The darker the mood can make the room seem claustrophobic. Instead, you can choose lighter colors such as white, yellow, light green or light blue for your cabinets and counters. These colors will reflect the light in the room, making the room feel bigger and more open.