Good Living Room Colors Options

How to choose good living room colors? If your living space is located in an old factory or mansion, it can happen that it feels uncomfortable at night because of the high ceilings. This can be remedied by painting the ceiling in a dark color, which makes the room look a lot smaller right away. If you have frames, paint them in the same color as the ceiling. You can also break high walls by applying horizontal color areas or paneling. In addition to color, you can also use hanging lamps and floor lamps to create a more intimate atmosphere in large living rooms.

If you do not have the luxury problem of high ceilings but have to worry about too low a room, you can reverse the tips above. By giving the ceiling a lighter color than the walls your room will appear higher. Preferably use built-in lighting and buy standing lamps that illuminate the ceiling. You can safely place these on the ground so that the distance between the lighting fixture and the ceiling is even greater.

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If you want to accentuate certain walls or draw the space towards you, you can use accent colors. Important here is that you dare to experiment with colors and patterns. If you are tired of your accent wall after a few years, it is easily painted over.