Good Workspace Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen island ideas is not only stylish, but also practical. It provides extra workspace and connects the kitchen with the living room. There are a number of things to look out for when buying a kitchen island. A number of ideas and tips in a row! A kitchen island can have different functions. You use the space for a sink, a hob or both. It can also only serve as an extra workspace. When you choose a hob, keep in mind different elements.

The island must be at least 100 centimeters deep. This prevents fat splashes on the floor, because a cooking island does not have a splash back. Unless you opt for an island chimney. It is wise to familiarize yourself well in extractor hoods beforehand. A traditional extractor hood can obstruct the view. A recirculation hood is often a good solution for this, it does not require air removal to the outside. A drain pipe is required for most extraction hoods.

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A sink obstructs less vision, but often takes up more space. In addition, piping often needs to be adjusted, this is not possible in every kitchen. So check this first before you buy a kitchen island. Also think of water supply and drainage, hot and cold water, electricity and air discharge channel. Consider the number of sockets by checking which appliances you use in the kitchen.

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