• Good Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

    Living room furniture for small spaces – If you have to be honest, don’t you really use your coffee table as a stool? Dropping the traditional coffee table can give more space in the decor and open up the room. You can, for example, choose a smaller one with shelves that provide good storage options or you can choose a coffee table in glass or acrylic, which is almost invisible in the room. You still get the function of a coffee table, but without the visual disorder. You can also venture into making your own small, slender coffee table, where you just have room for the coffee cup or candy bowl.Read More

  • Tips To Decorate Small Apartment Living Room

    Decorating the Small Apartment Living Room may seem like a challenge. Pieces usually found in a living room may not work in an apartment living room, because they take up too much space. Downsizing and painting the walls another color can help. Creating an illusion of more space can make a small living room seem much larger.Read More

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  • Looking For The Perfect Sofa For Small Living Room

    The spaces in houses and apartments are getting smaller every day? It is not a surprised. So, how to furnish them without looking too busy is the challenge. The idea is to create pretty spaces, which represent the style of those who live there, and who at the same time are functional and very well armed. A trick that will help you a lot when choosing the sofa for small living room is to prefer one with high legs, which will make the piece look lighter.Read More

  • Amazing Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

    Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces – The decorative elements that are used in the living room will also dictate whether space feels small or spacious. Painting is one of the most powerful parts to consider when renovating a small space. You want something that will make the room look bigger instead of stretched. Bright paint colors are good for this purpose. The room can be cropped in another color to match.Read More

  • Interior Small Living Room Decor

    Small living room decor – The next way to decorate a small living room is to change the furniture settings. You can move the furniture from the wall, which is actually recommended for small rooms, or at least tilt some pieces of furniture to add personality to the room. Look at the accessories that are in your small living room. If you have too many home decor accessories in a small room, they actually break the space ┬áso it’s better. Find the quality accessories you like and want to display. Putting accessories in a grouping instead of spreading it across the room will make the room look neat.Read More

  • The Best Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

    Small Apartment Living Room Ideas – Your small apartment does not have to appear small, messy and unimaginative. Transform yours by adding decorative elements that expand the vision of a room, can create the illusion of width and depth and provide sufficient storage capacity. The creative use of organization tools will prevent the messy appearance while making items easily accessible and neat.Read More

  • Warm and Beautiful Small Living Room with Fireplace

    Small living room with fireplace – One that is integrated into the wall and also looks like a fireplace. So including mantelpiece! We also have one at home, only with a fake fireplace … Such a fireplace is very beautiful in a rural interior. We jump from traditional to modern ! It is still a fireplace where the smoke goes up, but this time it hangs from the ceiling.Read More

  • Awesome Small Living Room Design Ideas

    Small living room design ideas – Making the right decisions when decorating a small living room can maximize the space. Not only decorating a small living room adequately to give more space, it makes the area more functional as well. Following a few simple design tricks, you can create a small space that is not only beautiful, but also habitable.Read More

  • Nice Sectional for Small Living Room

    Sectional for small living room – First, it is important to study your living room. What makes my living room as a small space? Does my living room seem small, for example, because there is little light coming in during the day? Are the walls painted too dark? Does the living room have a low ceiling or is there perhaps a very dark floor in the living room? The basic elements of a living room are an important factor that plays a part in the experience of your living room.Read More

  • Time To Use Small Living Room Table

    Playing the furniture will also be the dream of all furnishing enthusiasts. But only if you have a space in which to unleash your creativity. If you are struggling with a modest living room (say 18 square meters or less), you may feel disoriented and not know how to arrange the furniture to make the room really livable. To give you a hand with this kind of difficulty, use the small living room table is not bad idea.Read More