How to Protect Dining Room Table Sets

Dining Room Table Sets – A wooden dining table enhances a room and complements any type of decoration. A long, elegant table, dyed in black for dining wood gives a contemporary feel, while an oak or pine dining table could match the decor of the country. Whatever the type of wood table is the owner, regular polishing with furniture wax, for example, is excellent for keeping the wood conditioned. For everyday use, buy dining room table pads, typically 1/2-inch thick with one side of velvet or soft felt and the other side with leather texture. These pads protect your wooden dining tables from hot or cold dishes, spills, moisture, and dents should you drop a heavy plate.

Measure the length and width of your wooden dining table and note this on paper. Order a set of pads on the Internet or buy them at the store or the manufacturer that sold you the table (if you do not already have a set). Spread out the first table pad to the other side one end of the wooden table with the velvet or felt side facing down. Repeat until all the pads are aligned on the table. You should have a pair of dining table pads with rounded edges for each end, while the rest have faced edges and go in between the rounded pair. Run a tablecloth over the pads to hide them and do not worry about putting the hot dishes directly on the table.

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