How to Repair the Drop In Bathroom Sinks

Apr 26th
Kohler Drop In Bathroom Sinks
Kohler Drop In Bathroom Sinks

Drop In Bathroom Sinks – Working on your own plumbing can be intimidating, especially if you have no experience with these types of tasks. Fortunately, there are several things that a beginner home repair person can achieve without much preparation or instruction. If the bathroom sink becomes clogged, escapes the trap, or has water retention problems, it can be repaired on its own.

Try one of these chemical cleaners if the water in your bathroom sink is slow to come down. Avoid chemical drain cleaners if the sink is completely clogged. Use a plunger to unclog a bathroom sink. Rescue the water and set the plunger bowl over the drain, pushing the plunger pole up and down to unclog the sink. Pass a cable from the auger into the drain mouth of the bathroom sink if sinking does not work. The cable must move in the tube until it hits the material that is causing the obstruction. Once it does, you can extend approximately 1 additional foot of cable and tighten the auger, gently starting the drill handle until the obstruction has been released.

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Grab a bucket and place it under the sink trap if sinking and using an endless screw did not work. You can then use a pair of pliers or a wrench to loosen the nuts in the sink trap. Once you have loosened the nuts, remove the trap and allow the water from the pipe and the trap to fall into the bucket. Finishing by using your hand or a wire hook to remove any material you find, and then put the trap back together.

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