Ideas for Assemble a Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The installation of bathroom wall cabinets is a task that was easily completed by two people. You need a minimum of tools, and there is no important construction issue. By following these simple step by step instructions, you can have a cabinet mounted on the wall and looking as if it were installed by a professional.

Measure the space where the appliance will be placed before purchasing your cabinet. And especially if installing the cabinet over a toilet. Then measure 2 feet above the toilet and then place a mark on the wall with a pencil. From this point, use the search engine to locate two studs on the wall, and mark the place where they are located. Most asparagus are 16 inches apart.

Lift the cabinet and the rest to the bottom of the cabinet on the nails. While your assistant holds the cabinet in place, measure the distance from inside the bottom of the nail cabinet where the study is located. And then look for the keys to the shelf inside the cabinet at the back. This is where the screws are inserted to fix the cabinet to the wall. Then, use the drill to insert a screw, but do not tighten completely.

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