• Have a Good Cooking Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time, both cozy and working time / cooking time. Therefore, a room like the kitchen requires proper lighting, which works for all occasions. There are three types of kitchen lighting ideas should contain – this is the central light, the work light and the mood light. The central light is often seen as a ceiling light or a pendant. It is a light that provides the central lighting and it is the light that illuminates the room itself – while allowing it to feel the atmosphere of the kitchen.Read More

  • Design of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

    Kitchen pendant lighting – Best kitchen islands are multi-purpose spaces. Not only are they used for food preparation, service and cleaning. And they provide space for doing homework, checkbook balancing and other tasks. For these reasons, a bright light source is needed on a kitchen island, also a cantilevered ceiling light is often used.Read More

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  • Best Kitchen Pendant Lighting Over Island

    Design lamps, Scandinavian chandelier or industrial ceiling, whatever the style of your kitchen, the choice of lighting is essential. Here are some deco tips.  Looking for efficient kitchen pendant lighting over island especially when cooking? Be it under your tall cabinets, recessed ceiling or above a bar, the best choice is the spots. These fixtures for your kitchen are suitable for specific surfaces such as a worktop or kitchen island .Read More

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  • Convenient Dinner with Led Kitchen Ceiling Lights

    Which luminaries to choose in the kitchen? If you have large windows, it’s perfect for cooking your lunch recipes but the brightness of the room at night is another story. Led Kitchen Ceiling Lights for dinner is cozy but less convenient for cooking. How to navigate? Here are our best tips for choosing your kitchen lamps. Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, if you want above all lighting above your dining area, opt for a main lighting with a ceiling light.Read More

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  • Best Hanging Kitchen Lights

    There is no easy answer to the question, “How can I best light my kitchen? Designing a coherent Hanging Kitchen Lights system should address your interior style as well as how to cook and how your family uses that space. Your lighting design should be flexible, as the kitchen is often the most popular room in the home.Read More

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  • Height of the Kitchen Island Lighting

    Kitchen island lighting – Install hanging lights on top of the island to provide bright task lighting for the area and to make the space feel more intimate. Height of the floor, hang the ceiling light so that the bottom of the light is between 72 and 76 inches from the ground. This prevents the light close enough to the surface to illuminate it while keeping it above the line of sight for most people. If the people in your home are tall, hang the light on the upper end of the range.Read More

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  • Porch Light Latin Kitchen Island

    Porch light latin kitchen – The kitchen island is an essential part of many modern kitchens today. This is where we cook, prepare meals, and gather with friends and family while drinking alcohol and snacks. This is also where we serve breakfast or do homework. With so many different activities, many wonder if their lights really illuminate the room. Here are some tips and tricks to turn on the kitchen island.Read More

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  • Design Tips of Kitchen Light Fixtures

    Kitchen Light Fixtures must be lighter than in other rooms in a house. A foot-candle is the measurement standard for the amount of light in 1 square meter of light. The kitchens need up to 50 foot-candles while one bedroom only needs 25 and a living room needs 35. Light design should provide good specialized lighting over workstations as well as overhead kitchen lights for general lighting.

    Down lights

    If you think of kitchen lighting design in layers, it is the top layer of ceiling lights. Providing adequate overall lighting, factor in the positioning of the lamps to achieve evenly distributed ambient lighting throughout the ceiling. A light usually provides coverage up to four times its ceiling height. A light in a 10 meter high ceiling would cover 40 square meters of floor space. The use of baffles and reflectors changes the size and shape of the illuminated area.

    Task lighting

    Desk lamps double the brightness over work surfaces, such as the various types and cooking area. This second layer of lighting can be in the ceiling, temporarily or mounted under the cabinet. Typically, a well-placed desk lamp covers three times its height above the mounting area. For best results, there is spot work lighting directly over the work surface and in front of where you stand. Incorrectly placed desk lamps can cause shadows, reducing their efficiency.

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