• Porch Light Latin Kitchen Island

    Porch light latin kitchen – The kitchen island is an essential part of many modern kitchens today. This is where we cook, prepare meals, and gather with friends and family while drinking alcohol and snacks. This is also where we serve breakfast or do homework. With so many different activities, many wonder if their lights really illuminate the room. Here are some tips and tricks to turn on the kitchen island.Read More

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  • Design Tips of Kitchen Light Fixtures

    Kitchen Light Fixtures must be lighter than in other rooms in a house. A foot-candle is the measurement standard for the amount of light in 1 square meter of light. The kitchens need up to 50 foot-candles while one bedroom only needs 25 and a living room needs 35. Light design should provide good specialized lighting over workstations as well as overhead kitchen lights for general lighting.

    Down lights

    If you think of kitchen lighting design in layers, it is the top layer of ceiling lights. Providing adequate overall lighting, factor in the positioning of the lamps to achieve evenly distributed ambient lighting throughout the ceiling. A light usually provides coverage up to four times its ceiling height. A light in a 10 meter high ceiling would cover 40 square meters of floor space. The use of baffles and reflectors changes the size and shape of the illuminated area.

    Task lighting

    Desk lamps double the brightness over work surfaces, such as the various types and cooking area. This second layer of lighting can be in the ceiling, temporarily or mounted under the cabinet. Typically, a well-placed desk lamp covers three times its height above the mounting area. For best results, there is spot work lighting directly over the work surface and in front of where you stand. Incorrectly placed desk lamps can cause shadows, reducing their efficiency.

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  • Beautiful White Kitchen Island

    White kitchen island – One of the most attractive and efficient novelties for a kitchen is an island. Kitchen island can increase the countertop work space and reduce steps. As well as give your kitchen a completely new purpose. Perhaps as a center for eating at a buffet or serving. Kitchen islands do not work in all designs. So careful planning is important before buying the materials or the start of construction.Read More

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  • Using Kitchen Island Designs

    Different than many people think, having a gourmet kitchen island designs is not only possible in large kitchens. The idea may be in small, if well thought-out, kitchens. In addition, demolishing walls and integrating the environments of the home contributes to give the feeling of wider space. To have an island in the kitchen, there are some dimensions that must be respected so that even if small, it is a comfortable island. If there is a faucet with a faucet separated from the island, it must be at a distance of 1.20m.Read More

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  • Movable Kitchen Island Design Ideas

    Movable kitchen island – Kitchen islands are the perfect solution when you need to add additional work space to your kitchen layout without changing the footprint of your space. Although you can buy an island already made, place it in the room and it must be done, building a custom island is relatively easy and guarantees obtaining a piece that perfectly complements your decoration, as well as your needs.Read More

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  • Special Use Round Kitchen Table Sets

    Round kitchen table sets can be something very special, both when it comes to the decor and to the mood the round tables create.  The soft shape of the table gives a very special dynamic in the interior, which breaks with the many four-sided surfaces that can often occur when we decorate ourselves. The round shape gives an increased sense of air in the dining room or kitchen, so the furniture becomes hardly so heavy and hard to look at. When the round table is used for meals, the shape also gives an intimate and cozy atmosphere.Read More

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  • Best Ideas Small Kitchen Table and Chairs

    The small surfaces represent a challenge to the imagination … If this is your case, here are the best ideas to choose small kitchen table and chairs. It’s about making the most of space with boards or tables that take up little, but allow breakfast, dinner and even quick meals, creating the illusion of a kitchen dining room. Normally they are tables for 1 or 2 people, but in some cases they can be for more diners.Read More

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  • Trend Ikea Kitchen Table

    Ikea kitchen Table – His association with routine and boring tasks begins to vanish to give rise to scenes linked to pleasure and family encounter. Everything assumes other senses, privacy opens up and spaces are integrated and redefined according to new habits and home needs. We share the best decorating tips for kitchen dining to generate comfortable and practical environments to enjoy every day.Read More

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  • Ideas Kitchen Paint Colors with White Cabinets

    Kitchen paint colors with white cabinets – One way to instantly update a kitchen is to paint cabinets for a new feel or clean appearance. The color of the cabinets can be based on the preferences, the existing decoration, or to create an environment for one of the most used areas of the house. While there are no rules to select the best color for your cupboards, finding the ideal shade will improve the overall appearance of the kitchen.Read More

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