Led Bathroom Lights Waterproof Types

Led bathroom lights – A dark bathroom without lights added above the shower area can make an unpleasant bathroom experience. The waterproof LED lights provide a low-cost solution to this problem, avoiding the hassle of a large remodeling project. Suction cups provide an ideal method to hang certain types of LED lights in the shower, as they do not damage the glass or tile. Clean the areas of the shower where you want to install the suction cups.

Spray glass or tile cleaner, depending on the material, and run a rubber brush over the surface until it is dry. Make sure the area is free of any accumulation of soap or debris. Suction cups suitable for the size and type of waterproof led bathroom ceiling lights. Some may come with suction cup mounts. Others can have a belt area or similar can be hang from a suction hook. Use high resistance suction cups to ensure the lights remain in place.

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Apply alcohol to a clean cloth and clean the shower areas, where the suction cups stop. Wait five minutes for the surface to dry. Run the back of the suction cup with warm water. Shake free of any excess droplets. Press immediately in place in the shower. Hang the waterproof modern bathroom lighting from the suction cup hook or place it on the mount after waiting 24 hours from the moment of suction cup placement.