Mixture of Black and White Bedroom Furniture

White Bedroom Furniture – The versatility of black and white lends itself to a wide variety of decoration options. Customizing your bedroom with splashes of color or making it simple with a neutral color palette works for black and white. The wooden furniture decides that in this decoration adds to the general feeling of the room, depending on the style and type of wood. This style of decoration plays with modern and contemporary sensibilities, as well as art deco and Parisian style.

Make it neutral and modern. Use neutral gray, beige, brown and other colors to create a sophisticated ambiance, with unisex appeal and modern touch. These colors work well with lighter wood furniture made with straight lines in oak or pine as an extension of the range of neutral colors. Create a contemporary Parisian atmosphere with dark woods and jewel colors. Rich fabrics of silk, brocade, and velvet in deeper shades add a world of luxury and old feel to the room. Black and white in a zebra print job for this setting. A simple white duvet on the bed with black accents throughout the room adds to the sophisticated elegance.

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Choose a single color to add to your bedroom black and white. Maintaining a color allows the space to feel discreet and not unbearable. A vibrant color works like red, purple or blue as well as green or muted yellow. With this decoration, any type of wood can work. Re-capture a retro feel with Art Deco styles. The black and white checkered floor was popular with this look. Use furniture with straight lines. Exotic woods are used when possible.