Painting Kitchen Cabinets Upgrading Home Interior

Whether you are upgrading your existing painting kitchen cabinets or building a new room, painting used kitchen cabinets will lower the cost of your renovations significantly, while allowing you to add a “pop” color. The process may take a little extra time installing new cabinets, but it is not difficult. Clean the cabinets thoroughly by washing them with a mild detergent solution of water. Rinse with a sponge and clear water. If the buildup of grease in the cabinets is heavy, use a multipurpose cleaner or diluted household ammonia solution before applying soapy water. Take the doors by unscrewing the hinges of the cabinet bases. Remove all hardware from the doors.

Sand all surfaces to be painted. You do not have to remove all the old paint or the stain, but it is necessary to create a rough surface so that the new paint adheres properly. Brush the primer in the spray painting kitchen cabinets and doors. Let it dry completely. Use paint pads next to the walls or masking the wall surfaces with painter’s tape first. Apply a thin layer of paint and let it dry. Resist the temptation to quickly end up with a thick layer, as it is more likely to bubble, crack or peel off, which requires you to start over. Add a second coat of paint, if necessary. Return to place the hardware and attach the cabinet doors.

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