Romantic Dining Room Lighting Ikea

Dining room lighting ikea – Which light is perfect for the dining room? A romantic candlelit dinner under halogen spotlights? Forget it! In the dining room the light should not be too dark, but not too bright. Eventually you want to be able to see what is on your plate, without feeling that you are in the spotlight. Finding the perfect balance is therefore the challenge. You’re in good shape with warm, white light anyway!

The rule of thumb for the dining room: create the perfect atmosphere using three different light sources consisting of head, accent and mood lighting. Always combine dining room lamps with other light sources in the same room, for example with a wall or floor lamp. In this way you really benefit from balanced ambient light in the dining room.

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Moreover, it is great if the lamps above the table have a dimmer. So you can determine the intensity of the light yourself – dim the light after a delicious dinner and your guests will still hang out for an extra glass of wine! Which lamps are most beautiful for above the dining table? We recommend hanging lamps! Why? Hanging lamps provide that cozy atmosphere around the table and that is exactly what you want to achieve.