Simple 5 Piece Living Room Furniture Sets

Modern 5 piece living room furniture sets is the ideal place to fully relax after a busy day. You can opt for a contemporary look by using modern materials such as cast floors and sleek furniture. Do you want to fully extend the modern atmosphere, you can also opt for a minimalist interior. Here you get all sorts of ideas for inspiration!

A modern interior exudes calm through the use of tight materials and lines. It is characterized by open spaces, fitted wardrobes, designer furniture or custom furniture, smooth floors and the use of neutral colors such as white, gray and black. The relaxed atmosphere is a result of the simple design of both the furniture and the floors.

Openness and spaciousness are two important characteristics of a modern interior. The living space becomes one big space with both the living room and the kitchen as the dining room. This feeling of openness is reinforced by a strong link with the exterior. By means of large windows and skylights, there is plenty of natural light and a delightful view of the garden or the terrace. To reinforce all this, it is often opted for a floor that runs both inside and outside.

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