Simple and Quick Ideas Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

Over kitchen sink lighting plays an important role in the kitchen. It is not only a workplace where you should see well, but also a meeting place where you can take a cozier look. How to avoid dark corners and tips to combine mood lighting with work lighting can be found here. The general lighting: As the name suggests, this is the basic lighting of the kitchen. This usually consists of one light point that is placed centrally in the room. The most frequently used luminaires for this are recessed spotlights, surface-mounted spotlights or traditional lighting fixtures.

If you only have one connection, you should choose a luminaire with multiple directional spots. With task lighting you prevent tired eyes and shadowing on the worktop. This lighting is mainly placed under hanging cabinets and the ceiling. The kitchen is also used more and more as a living room and dining room. By choosing dimmable lighting and indirect lighting you can create atmosphere in a simple and inexpensive way.

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With LED strips you can bring more light to the kitchen in a simple and quick way. They ensure an even light distribution and are very compact so that they can be placed almost invisibly. A switch can be placed both in and under the hanging cabinets. LED strips consume less energy and also do not emit heat as opposed to halogen lighting. LED strips can also be easily added in existing kitchens.