Special Kitchen Countertop Paint

Updating kitchen worktops immediately updated the look of a room. Designers kitchen countertop paint to help the stage and sell a home or as part of a decor plan. Either way, using specially formulated paint or sealant to change the color of countertops takes only a few hours. The thousands of dollars are saved by changing the purpose of old countertops instead of replacing them holding money in your purse. Make sure to buy a paint kit specially made for kitchen countertop painting

Use paint roller evenly apply paint on ground-painted tabletop. Countertop paint is epoxy-based, making it waterproof and suitable for use in the kitchen. Do not try to leave any roll marks or visible brush strokes. Work around the surface of the laminate covering all the table top with paint. Allow the paint to dry completely, usually one to two hours, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply another layer if more coverage is desired.

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Apply a clear sealer. Take a clean paint roll and cover the painted tabletop with a thin and even layer of clear sealer. The sealer provides an extra layer of paint protection, an important factor in an often used room like the kitchen. Allow sealer to dry completely. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions on the set for drying times. For a few hours, kitchen countertops will be ready for use in a fresh new color.

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