Standard Height for Lights Over Kitchen Island

Lights Over Kitchen Island – The kitchen islands provide additional storage, preparation, and space that sits in the center of the kitchen. Install hanging lights on top of the island to provide bright task lighting for the area and to make space feel more intimate. Hang the ceiling light so that the bottom of the light is between 72 and 76 inches from the ground. This prevents the light close enough to the surface to illuminate it while keeping it above the line of sight for most people. If the people in your home are tall, hang the light on the upper end of the range.

In the light, it can pass anywhere from 30 to 40 inches above the surface of the kitchen island. This depends on whether the island is the height of the bar or the height of the counter. The light should be closer to an island bar height than a counter height one. Before installing a ceiling light, hang a balloon from a chain in the position that you think you would like the light to be. Have everyone in your household enter the kitchen and stand or sit in places that could be in daily life. Note if the balloon obstructs vision or seems to be in the way and adjust the height accordingly.Light fixer over kitchen island,

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