Still Popular Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Wall mount bathroom sink – The washbasin is perhaps the most versatile element of the bathroom. Modern, sleek, classic, built-in or loose; no item is better suite to give the whole its own signature. No wonder that trends are changing rapidly. This applies not only to the form, but also to the material, the format and the drain. The offer offers everyone a nice alternative.

Washbasins are grateful material in the hands of designers. They juggle with separate combinations of – in the first instance – not exactly obvious materials. Quirky combinations of pottery and shiny stainless steel or a porcelain washbowl on a wooden table top are no longer an exception. The washbasin is no longer by definition on a washbasin column. But hangs more and more often on the wall or is conveniently integrate in or on a bathroom furniture.

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The traditional sink column with the classic rectangular washbasin is still popular. But the freestanding column wash basin – a striking and stylish object – is on the rise. Relatively new are the floating arrangements where the suspension construction is conceal in the wall or in a front wall. The result is pure, simple and space-saving. Washbasins are traditionally made of ceramics. Usually the ceramics that are produce today are treat with a lime-resistant layer. This gives you extra-long enjoyment of the washbasin. Innovative plastics are currently hot.