Suitable Dining Room Rug Size

Aug 31st
Unusual Dining Rug Size
Unusual Dining Rug Size

A carpet really ties a room together, but it must be the right size. A mat that is too small or too large for the area it serves can be a costly mistake that detracts from the beauty of your room. Because each room in your home works differently, Dining Room Rug Size is determined by furniture in the room and how they are used. Some guidelines will help you determine which sizes are appropriate for each room in your home.


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If you are fortunate enough to have a separate foyer or hall, either is an ideal place to present an area rug. Depending on the Dining Rug Size of the entry door, you can replace a 3, 4 or 5-foot long carpet for an inner door mat. For rectangular foyer, you can place a 5-foot with eight-foot mat down the length of the space. For large or open foyers, you can roughly center a 6 or 8 foot round or square carpet in space and place a foyer table on it.

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A single area rug should be used in the dining room; and it should anchor dining tables and chairs. It should be big enough for all the chair legs to rest on when people sit at the table. These amounts to at least another two meters all the way around the table, if your table is round, square, oval or rectangular. For example, if you’re rectangular table is 4 meters wide and 6 meters long, your Rug Size should be at least 8 meters by 10 meters in size.

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