What Is Ideal Rustic Bathroom Lighting

Rustic bathroom lighting – It is important to have a light source that illuminates the entire room. The room lighting can, for example, come from ceiling lamps or spots in the ceiling. A good ambient light is particularly important in larger bathrooms with high ceilings. You can advantageously install lamps with indirect light in several places along the edges of the room to create a soft light.

With emphasizing light, with a shaded directional light, you can focus on, for example, plants or art that deserve extra attention in space. Lamps can in themselves be an art installation. There is a sea of ​​lamps that can have a decorative effect in the bathroom. In this way you can create mood, personality and life in space. Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. Therefore, it is important to follow the requirements for wet room lighting.

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What lamps should you use in the bathroom? It’s not all kind of lamps you have to hang up in the bathroom. There are certain safety requirements for the distance between lamps and mixing batteries in the shower and bath. These safety requirements dictate which lamps should be mounted where. The bathroom can be divided into 4 areas, each of which has different requirements for the IP classification.