You Can Cleverly Share Your Ikea Bathroom Cabinet

Ikea bathroom cabinet – Most mornings are hectic enough without brushing your left elbows in the shaving cream while brushing your teeth and with your right hand in the eyeshadow. How is it that those things on your sink seem to multiply themselves? Certainly for owners of a small bathroom it is a recognizable scenario, but a smart layout of bathroom cabinets is useful for everyone. With our storage tips you can do it that way.

Drawers are super handy in the bathroom, but you also have the tendency to throw items in haphazardly. You save the overview by adding a subdivision with old ice cream or shoe boxes. This way your cotton pads do not get lost anymore and you do not have to turn the whole drawer upside down in search of that one razor blade. If several family members use the bathroom, it is also a good idea to assign each one a separate drawer or box.

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Make yourself comfortable with baskets: To get the most out of your bathroom, replace your free-standing sink with a washbasin . Here too, you create structure by subdividing your items into baskets . Stylish and convenient, because you can easily stack them. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!